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In this super-charged course, I've taken all the key concepts from my 8-week PTA training program and distilled them down into one short, but powerful, video.

You’ll learn our powerful CEO Mindset that puts you in control of your life and your travel agent business. You'll learn how to use our powerful "Riches in the Niches Formula” to create a unique social media presence that attracts the right kind of clients for you. 

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My 8-Week Profitable Travel Agents Course is designed to give you all the tools, training, and confidence you need to build your own successful travel agent business.

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How can the PTA give you the life of freedom you deserve? 

…by teaching you how to be in charge of your life, your finances, and your schedule. 

My Profitable Travel Agents Course is designed to guide you from novice to expert in an easy-to-follow, 8-week drip format. 

✔️ Learn the CEO Mindset and professional systems that give you control of your work-life balance.

✔️ Complete weekly lessons and quizzes at your own pace so that you can build your business while living your life.

✔️ Learn the fundamentals of travel planning, scheduling, and customer service that make you a leader in the industry. 

✔️  Stay motivated and on track with weekly coaching sessions and community support.

✔️ Learn our "Riches in the Niches Formula” that attracts the right kind of paying clients for YOU!

✔️ Learn how to create a strong social media presence to position yourself as an authority, even if you’re shy.

✔️ Start booking travel right away with the credentials included in the course.

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Why be an Independent Travel Agent?

There has never been a better time to be a Travel Agent.

In a post-pandemic world, people are traveling in record numbers, and they need help navigating the ever-changing rules and regulations. You can be their “go-to” person for all their travel needs, whether you have any travel planning experience or not. 

Necoh Mitchell 

"PTA have been a great thing to start this career. I have referrals and my clients have been satisfied... I highly recommend the PTA course."

Eia Gardner

"Friends and family would always come to me to plan their vacation. I never knew who to go to with questions and how to access resources. Now, having contacts to connect with and ask questions helps tremendously."

Sheena Gordon

"often spent hours and hours planning trips that I got no compensation for. I knew I had identified a passion in life, but couldn’t figure out how to materialize the gift! I was stuck in the role of stay at home mom, which I love, but yearned for some identity that I’d lost. Now I am making money doing something that I LOVE to do and more importantly, operating in my gift and finding myself again!"

You've always loved planning trips and traveling.

Why not get paid for it?

How many times have you helped plan a trip for yourself, a friend, or a family member? How many hours have you spent handling their demands, collecting deposits, and dealing with last-minute changes?

Now, think of all the money you missed out on by doing those services for free.

Using the tools and training from my course, you’ll learn how to turn all of those transactions into profitable opportunities for yourself.

It's time to build the life you’ve always wanted.

Hear how these PTA graduates turned their love of travel planning into their own Profitable Travel Agent businesses.

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The Keys to Your Freedom

8 Weeks of Training for a Lifetime of Success

CEO Mindset - Learn the successful mindset, skills, and systems to be in charge of your life and build a solid business from day one.

Comprehensive Course- Over 30 hours of self-paced training from videos, workbooks, quizzes, and other resources. Learn everything you need to know to sell, plan, and book any trip.

Travel Planning Fundamentals- Learn how to create a bookable website, set up a payment system, and process important forms like insurance, waivers, and more.

Paying Clients: Discover our "Riches in the Niches Formula" that brings the right clients to you. Turn your unique personality into a strong social media presence, even if you’re shy.

Real Support: Weekly coaching calls from our travel experts answer your questions and keep you on track. Be inspired by a community of like-minded peers in our exclusive PTA Facebook group.

Maximum Profits: Unlock the secrets to earning 10x the average commission. Make higher profits by securing high-end clients, collecting up-front fees, and creating multiple streams of income. 

Credentials: Access the credentials you need to book travel through reputable vendors—a $500 value included FREE in your course!

Lifetime Access: Touch up your skills at any time or advance your career to the next level with unlimited access to your course materials, coaching sessions, and our PTA Facebook group.

Fair Price: Your one-time tuition fee of $1,499 is nothing compared to the value of giving yourself the keys to freedom and unlimited earning power.

30-Day Guarantee - If you're not seeing the financial freedom you deserve, let us know, and we’ll help you make it right.

BONUS! To ensure your success, we offer you a one-time complete audit of your social media presence. This is a $250 value included FREE with your course!

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Shadai Wills is “The Profitable Travel Agent.”

Four years ago, I was standing in your shoes, trying to live a life of freedom, but struggling instead.
I had credentials from an MLM travel company so that I could work from anywhere in the world and still be there for my family. I was making good money, but I was also making mistakes, wasting time, and feeling burned out. I wanted to give up.
Why? Because I had zero training or support.
It doesn’t have to be that way. 
I’m Shadia Wills, and I created my Profitable Travel Agent Course so that you can build a successful travel agent business without the stress of figuring it out on your own. Our PTA coaches, students, and graduates will be with you every step of the way. As you work through the course at your own pace, we’ll be here to answer your questions, lift your spirit, and encourage you to keep moving forward.
On behalf of all the Profitable Travel Agents, I invite you to take my hand and step into your new life of freedom!

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